Desert Birds

Acrylic on canvas - 10 x 30 in - 2013

What’s not to love about hummingbirds? I enjoy their energy and agility- the way they seem to effortlessly dip, dive, and dart around. So, it’s even more special when they (occasionally) hold still or land. I painted my impression of them doing just that in my garden in Santa Fe (ok, I never saw that many hold still at once, but that’s the fun of imagination!).  

I first painted multiple colors of acrylic on canvas, then went back over the top of them with slow-drying white paint. Afterward, I scratched away lines of the white paint with the wooden end of a paintbrush to create branches and reveal the first layer of colors. I then added more colors and layers of acrylic to capture the birds and the refraction of light around them and their bushy perch. 

This original painting has been sold, but if you are interested in a high-quality fine art reproduction (giclée), please contact me using the Contact form or by entering your email address above.

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