So, you like Art but think you "can't draw"?! - Part IV

February 12, 2017



Here’s my final rant on this topic: Some years ago, my daughter came home from Elementary School proud that she knew “how to draw a heart”- a red, two sided Valentine’s-type heart. Scuzzi?! Yes, it’s an image we all know, a part of the cultural vocabulary, but that’s not what an actual heart looks like! And the more even the two sides were, the “better” it was deemed to be. And it certainly wasn’t her way of “seeing” a heart. Ok, maybe my biologist side is kicking in, too….


To me, you can draw a heart however you please, but I dislike the idea of limiting yourself before you are even conscious of it. If you decide to make a certain sort of heart, then that’s your call, but don’t teach kids to “pre-edit”.


And here’s a final example: I was in an art course many years ago in which the Prof had us take our easels out on the second floor porch and draw “what we saw”. I drew the trees, the easel, the porch railing, my pencil…what I saw. He thought it was funny (and compositionally lacking), but in retrospect, I could have edited it…at least I didn’t exclude possibilities before considering them.