So, you like Art but think you "can't draw"?! - Part III

February 05, 2017

So, you like Art but think you "can't draw"?! - Part III


Here it is, everything you’ve wanted to know about this topic, and not just related to art: drumroll, please…love something enough to practice it like crazy!

I’ll give you an example. Michael Jordan grew up in my neck of the woods (literally, flat, sandy acres of pine trees which were sent to the nearby stinky paper mill). He was legendary, even in high school- but not because he was born to be a star ball player, but because he persisted and practiced (tons of foul shots at dawn every day, among other things). I’m convinced I “can draw” because I spent hours and hours doing it before someone got to me to give me the “you can’t draw” message.

However, not all practice is equally effective. And here’s where the “specific” practice aspect comes in: for drawing, I’m a big fan of Betty Davis’ “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” method, which you may have seen or heard of. In full disclosure, I gave Patrick a gift certificate to a course based on her work, which is where he created the drawings I’ve shown you.

I believe it works because it is based on accurate observation. In other words, you can’t make a drawing look like something that you don’t see. We may have an image of a table as a square or rectangle, but unless you are standing exactly centered above it, that isn’t what you actually see. You probably see a trapezoid. Betty Davis’ exercises are designed to help you pay better attention to what is in front of you.