So, you like Art but think you "can't draw"?! Part II

January 29, 2017

So, you like Art but think you "can't draw"?! Part II

If you read the last blog, which image did you pick as the one you would like to create yourself (if you didn’t read the last blog, here’s a link). For your own fun, please read it now before going further in this email.)

Now, here’s the “trick” answer; they’re both by the same artist!

The first is a drawing by my fantastic husband, who considers himself “not an artist”, but is not only curious, but brave enough to draw and to let me post it!). Here it is again:

Beginning sketch

And here’s what happened after some (specific) practice (details to follow):

Shades practice pencil

Note the different shapes and shadings, as well as the little letters and numbers along the top and right hand side of the image. These, if you don’t know, are different types of graphite pencils, and the teacher had the class do this exercise to get a feel for them.

And here’s that “after” drawing again (made a few weeks later):

cow antlers

So, do you still think the ability to draw “accurately” is something you’re either born with or not? Ponder that until the next post :)